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Conquer the Pyrenees

Chateau de Pitray
Chateau de Pitray

The Pyrenees 1000
Trip cost:  $4500 Dollars.
Dates:  Aug 27 to Sept 11.
  • Cols of the Pyrenees Ride:
  • Puerto Otxondo - 602 m
  • Puerto de Artesiaga - 996 m
  • Collado de Urkiaga - 890 m
  • Col d’Iraty - 1135 m
  • Col Bagargui - 1327 m
  • Col de Suscousse - 1216 m
  • Col de Soudet - 1540 m
  • Col de Marie Blanque - 1035 m
  • Col d’Aubisque - 1709 m
  • Col de Soulor - 1474 m
  • Col du Tourmalet - 2115 m
  • Col d’Aspin - 1489 m
  • Col d’Azet - 1737 m
  • Col de Peyresourde - 1569 m
  • Col du Portillon - 1320 m
  • Col de Mente - 1349 m
  • Col Portet d’Aspet -1069 m
  • Col de Catchaudegue - 893 m
  • Col Latrape - 1520 m
  • Col d’Agnes - 1570 m
  • Port de Liers - 1517 m
  • Pas de Souloumbrie - 911 m
  • Col de Mamare - 1361 m
  • Col de Chioula - 1431 m
  • Port de Pailheres - 2001 m
  • Col de Palomere - 1036 m
Pyrenees 1000 mile challenge

Ride Across the French Pyrenees - Coast to Coast - and Back !

1000 miles, 100'000 ft climbing, 12 days riding + 2 rest days.

August 27th to September 11th - 2020.  Contact me about signing up

3 words:  Adventure.  Accomplishment.  Awe.

A trip through the Pyrenees is a fairy tale for anybody. For fit, devoted cyclists, it’s the journey of a lifetime.

Welcome to  France  From  Inside  Pyrenees road bike cycling tour. You are invited to come and ride one of the ultimate road bike challenges, a 14 day round trip cycling vacation across the French Pyrenees mountains, coast to coast - Atlantic to the Mediterranean - and back ! Your very own Tour of France biking adventure - priceless! If you consider yourself an experienced and committed cyclist then you need to do this ...think of the challenge, the cycling history, the pure fun of it. Oh, and the next time another cyclist tries to strut their stuff with some wimpy claim about a 4 day trip covering 300 miles you can say, "1000 miles, 100,000 ft, 12 days of riding - across the Pyrenees and back!"

"I have been riding and racing bikes for 35 years, and riding across the Pyrenees with Allan is the most fun that I have ever had on the seat of a bike."   Kurt Buchwald (completed the trip in 2010, 2013).

"This trip was a life changer ... I can't put into words the emotions and exuberance this trip brought about!"   Brian Davis (completed the trip in 2013)

"Any one of the stages in this tour would have been memorable, but to put them all together in a single tour was epic."   Carol Bult (completed the trip in 2013)

  • 1000 miles
  • Now 100,000 feet of climbing!!
  • 22 mountain passes
  • 12 days of biking + 2 rest days = 14 day trip
  • Begin the trip with 4 days of biking from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean - staying in the rolling foothills of the French Pyrenees. The trip is a clockwise loop for 2013.
  • 8 days of biking to cross the Pyrenees from the Mediterranean coast to the Atlantic sea.
  • Average daily ride time: 5.85 hours.

A Pyrenees bike tour vacation doesn't get much better than this! For all the details take a moment and "cycle" through the website - use the links at the left and top of the page. Space is limited to 8 clients; a small group so that you get awesome ride support, and we don't have the hassles of a large group!

Cycle and bike across the Pyrenees Mountains France From Inside Tours

Jeff Dux and Allan climb the Col de Portillon, 3rd of 5 climbs for the day !

" Not to be believed !   When this trip was first planned I thought to myself, are you crazy? 12 days of riding, 7000-8000-12,000 feet per day of climbing? The more I thought about it the more I wanted to do it, and so I did. What an amazing trip. As I have said to everyone, it was everything I expected and much, much more."   Jeff Dux (completed the trip in 2006 and 2010).

"GREAT memories!  Wanted to tell you – I wore my Pyrenees jersey last weekend on the first day of the Double Triple Bypass. I can’t tell you how many comments I got on it while I was riding. Riders would ask me, “Did you really do that ride?” I was proud to say that I did. The Pyrenees trip continues to be one on my greatest and most memorable cycling achievements and the benchmark to which I compare all other rides. I look forward to doing it again, maybe next year."  Rose Hewig (completed the trip in 2009).

Col d'Aspin Cycle the Pyrenees Bike Tour

Col d'Aspin on as perfect a day as you could ever ask for. Oral and Joe savor the climb.