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Conquer the Pyrenees

Chateau de Pitray
Chateau de Pitray

The Pyrenees 1000
Trip cost:  $4500 Dollars.
Dates:  Aug 29 to Sept 13.
  • Cols of the Pyrenees Ride:
  • Puerto Otxondo - 602 m
  • Puerto de Artesiaga - 996 m
  • Collado de Urkiaga - 890 m
  • Col d’Iraty - 1135 m
  • Col Bagargui - 1327 m
  • Col de Suscousse - 1216 m
  • Col de Soudet - 1540 m
  • Col de Marie Blanque - 1035 m
  • Col d’Aubisque - 1709 m
  • Col de Soulor - 1474 m
  • Col du Tourmalet - 2115 m
  • Col d’Aspin - 1489 m
  • Col d’Azet - 1737 m
  • Col de Peyresourde - 1569 m
  • Col du Portillon - 1320 m
  • Col de Mente - 1349 m
  • Col Portet d’Aspet -1069 m
  • Col de Catchaudegue - 893 m
  • Col Latrape - 1520 m
  • Col d’Agnes - 1570 m
  • Port de Liers - 1517 m
  • Pas de Souloumbrie - 911 m
  • Col de Mamare - 1361 m
  • Col de Chioula - 1431 m
  • Port de Pailheres - 2001 m
  • Col de Palomere - 1036 m
Pyrenees meals

Ride Across the French Pyrenees - Coast to Coast - and Back !

1000 miles, 100'000 ft climbing, 12 days riding + 2 rest days.

August 29th to September 13th - 2019.  Contact me about signing up

The cost of the  France  From  Inside  Pyrenees cycling trip includes all of the breakfasts, dinners and riding food distributed from the van ( lunch and dinner on the 2 rest days are not included ).

Dinner will usually be at the hotel's restaurant. It's hard to beat the food in France, and the Pyrenees is no exception. Thankfully, the primary reputation and appeal of France is their cuisine. Typically dinners on this trip include a salad, an entrée, a main dish, cheese and desert. One of my favourite hotels has a restaurant and is owned and run by a trained chef. His restaurant is a destination for locals. Here you might chose to begin your meal with melon and prosciutto, followed by a mixed salad, a main dish of pork filet mignon with roasted oven potatoes and thinly shredded vegetables, a dish of varied Pyrenees local sheep cheeses, and a desert of chocolate cake with vanilla crème sauce. Combine that with some red wine and you will be grinning from ear to ear. Note, the hotels and restaurants in the Pyrenees are familiar with cyclists and their appetites, so they know how to take care of us. We eat and we eat well.

The breakfasts will be served at the hotels we stay in. In France breakfasts usually only consist of drinks ( coffee, tea, juice ) served with toast, cereal, yogurts, pastries, sometimes cold cuts, cheeses. Some hotels have better breakfasts than others. Therefore, I will supplement with cereals and cold cuts when necessary. You won't go hungry, but you are not going to find the traditional omelets and pancake breakfasts that you are use to in America.

During the ride the van will be stocked with riding food: water, soft drinks, bars, fruit, bread, cold cuts, etc...note "fresh" bread for sandwiches will be purchased daily from a local bakery.

On the two rest days you will be responsible for your own lunch and dinner.

Ride Across the Pyrenees Cycling challenge meals

At the hotel in Gurmencon, the owner is also a graduate of the Cordon Bleu culinary school in Paris. Here we enjoy a wonderful salad as our appetizer.

Ride Across the Pyrenees cycling meals

You will need the calories so eat your desert!

Ride Across the Pyrenees meals

I pick up fresh bread everyday for our lunch during the day's ride.

Ride Across the Pyrenees Cycling challenge

Working hard to keep this Ass out of our van riding food supplies.

Ride Across the Pyrenees meals

In the Basque Pyrenees Basque country cheeses are real delight!!

Ride Across the Pyrenees

Gordon, Francis and Allan enjoy dinner out with the rest of the group. End of day 4.

Ride Across the Pyrenees cycling challenge

Goat cheese salad. Not my favourite, but maybe yours.

Pyrenees cycling tour

I came around the corner to find my clients pillaging the grapes from the vines. What can I say?