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Conquer the Pyrenees

Chateau de Pitray
Chateau de Pitray

The Pyrenees 1000
Trip cost:  $4500 Dollars.
Dates:  Aug 29 to Sept 13.
  • Cols of the Pyrenees Ride:
  • Puerto Otxondo - 602 m
  • Puerto de Artesiaga - 996 m
  • Collado de Urkiaga - 890 m
  • Col d’Iraty - 1135 m
  • Col Bagargui - 1327 m
  • Col de Suscousse - 1216 m
  • Col de Soudet - 1540 m
  • Col de Marie Blanque - 1035 m
  • Col d’Aubisque - 1709 m
  • Col de Soulor - 1474 m
  • Col du Tourmalet - 2115 m
  • Col d’Aspin - 1489 m
  • Col d’Azet - 1737 m
  • Col de Peyresourde - 1569 m
  • Col du Portillon - 1320 m
  • Col de Mente - 1349 m
  • Col Portet d’Aspet -1069 m
  • Col de Catchaudegue - 893 m
  • Col Latrape - 1520 m
  • Col d’Agnes - 1570 m
  • Port de Liers - 1517 m
  • Pas de Souloumbrie - 911 m
  • Col de Mamare - 1361 m
  • Col de Chioula - 1431 m
  • Port de Pailheres - 2001 m
  • Col de Palomere - 1036 m
Ride Across the Pyrenees

Ride Across the French Pyrenees - Coast to Coast - and Back !

1000 miles, 100'000 ft climbing, 12 days riding + 2 rest days.

August 29th to September 13th - 2019.  Contact me about signing up

Click here or on the map to view larger PDF detailed version of map.

Map for Ride Across the Pyrenees cycling tour

Map overview of the course. Click on the map to view larger PDF version

Ride Across the Pyrenees Kim Aldridge 2010 Tourmalet

" When I was looking for a cycling tour in the mountains of Europe, I came across Allen’s website. As I looked at the pictures from previous years and read about the ride, my heart started to race and my mouth was watering. I just knew this was the trip for me. Every year when I watched the Tour de France, I would dream of climbing those same mountains. I wanted a trip that would be challenging and epic. A trip that was more “meat” than “marshmallow”. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. The trip was everything I had hoped for and more. Allen did a fantastic job organizing the trip and planning the route. He has the knowledge, skill, and temperament necessary for leading an elite group of riders across the Pyrenees. I was the only female out of 9 riders and the guys made me feel like I was “one of the guys”. I have done numerous multi day rides from riding across the USA with PAC Tour to riding across state with friends and this trip is at the top of the list. I will always remember the nice people of France, the great food, wine, and scenery, and, the comradeship of our small group. I’m ready to do it again."  Kim Aldridge (completed the trip in 2010).

Ride Across the Pyrenees cycling challenge

West side of the Col du Tourmalet on an epic sunny day.

Bike the famous cols of the Pyrenees mountains

Col du Bagargui, definitely the silent killer of the trip as it seems to come out of nowhere on the 11th stage with the toughest 6 km of the entire course.