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Conquer the Pyrenees

Chateau de Pitray
Chateau de Pitray

The Pyrenees 1000
Trip cost:  $4500 Dollars.
Dates:  Aug 29 to Sept 13.
  • Cols of the Pyrenees Ride:
  • Puerto Otxondo - 602 m
  • Puerto de Artesiaga - 996 m
  • Collado de Urkiaga - 890 m
  • Col d’Iraty - 1135 m
  • Col Bagargui - 1327 m
  • Col de Suscousse - 1216 m
  • Col de Soudet - 1540 m
  • Col de Marie Blanque - 1035 m
  • Col d’Aubisque - 1709 m
  • Col de Soulor - 1474 m
  • Col du Tourmalet - 2115 m
  • Col d’Aspin - 1489 m
  • Col d’Azet - 1737 m
  • Col de Peyresourde - 1569 m
  • Col du Portillon - 1320 m
  • Col de Mente - 1349 m
  • Col Portet d’Aspet -1069 m
  • Col de Catchaudegue - 893 m
  • Col Latrape - 1520 m
  • Col d’Agnes - 1570 m
  • Port de Liers - 1517 m
  • Pas de Souloumbrie - 911 m
  • Col de Mamare - 1361 m
  • Col de Chioula - 1431 m
  • Port de Pailheres - 2001 m
  • Col de Palomere - 1036 m
Ride across the Pyrenees

Ride Across the French Pyrenees - Coast to Coast - and Back !

1000 miles, 100'000 ft climbing, 12 days riding + 2 rest days.

August 29th to September 13th - 2019.  Contact me about signing up

" Frequently asked questions " about the Pyrenees Bike Trip.

What airport/town should we fly into?
You will fly into and out of the Biarritz airport. Biarritz is located on the southwest corner of France, on the Atlantic coast, near the Spanish border. It is at the the far western end of the Pyrenees mountains.

What is a good gearing "set up" for the ride?
Obviously your fitness and strength will dictate what you can ride. I recommend that you give yourself a range with a "bailout" gear, such as a bailout combination of 39/28. If you are running a compact (50/34), which I highly recommend, then your rear cassette should be a 25 or 27. Better safe then sorry. You can always bring a second rear cassette combination for a possible swap out during the ride. Remember, the slopes on the climbs can get as steep as 13%. The average is really between 7% and 8% and sometimes 9%. The climbs are long as well. Remember, "a man has got to know his limitations."

What does double occupancy mean?
Double occupancy means that you will share a hotel room with your buddy who signs up for the trip, or you are paired up with another guest.

Is it an option to only ride one way to the Mediterranean and fly home from there?
No is the short and final answer.

Do the beginning and ending dates of the trips correspond to arrival and departure?
Yes, the dates correspond to the beginning and end of the trip. Therefore, the trip dates are the 27th to the 11th, that means you arrive on the 27th and leave on the 11th.

Do the hotels have internet access?
Yes, all of the hotels have wireless internet access.

Ride Across the Pyrenees cycling vacation.

The Basque country. Never a dull moment or a flat road.

Bike across the Pyrenees

Oral on the back roads of the foothills.