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Chateau de Pitray
Chateau de Pitray

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See the 2017 the Tour of France ! Attend stages 10 and 11.

July 9th to July 15th - 2017.

Frequently asked questions about the bike trips at Chateau Pitray.

Does everyone have to cycle with the organized rides?

The short answer is no. You are on vacation and you can do what you like. You do not have to participate in the guided rides. You are more than welcome to ride on your own or with your traveling companion. I will provide you with an understanding of the area and how to get around using a map of course. This is easily done considering that you will quickly get oriented with the area and the location of the Chateau. Remember, we are not relocating during the week as we stay at the Chateau the entire time, and this allows everyone to gain independence from the group rides if they want.

What if my significant other or friend isn't a cyclist, can he/she still come?

Yes, your significant other, friend or companion is more than welcome to come. This is one of the benefits of this vacation, not everyone has to be interested in biking. The daily itinerary includes biking in the morning. During that time the non-riding companion will relax at the chateau, where they can read, paint, go for a walk, or pursue some other hobby/activity. The entire group will re-unite at lunch and remain together (if you want) for the remainder of the day to participate in the non-cycling afternoon activity.

How strong of a cyclist do you need to be?

The cyclists who come on these trips can be very experienced and strong to intermediates and beginners. People who come on these trips bring their own bikes, which automatically indicates a level of experience. If you are a slow rider then you will have to consider that you will be doing more self-guided riding (using a map and guidance from me). Otherwise, for the more experienced and fit riders, we will work as a group to ride at a decent tempo meandering about the countryside. It is not uncommon for the group rides to split apart as some riders may want to ride faster or slower, or head back to the chateau earlier then the designed ride. Again, this is possible because everyone will have a map and understanding of the area which will allow you to have confidence in getting around on your own if necessary. Previous guests have been very pleased with this option, and they did not find it intimidating to move about on their own. Furthermore, if you get lost think of it as part of the adventure. In fact, you are never really lost as it is really easy to orient yourself and get around. The worst case scenario is that you took the "longer" way home, but that is what makes biking so much fun.

How long are the rides and when do we ride during the day?

The rides begin very soon after breakfast and last until lunch, which means between 3 and 4 hours of riding. Lunch will begin when we return from the rides, somewhere about 1 or 2 pm. Again, you can make the ride shorter by returning on your own to the chateau, or longer by continuing on your own (there will be plenty to eat when you return). You can even go out and ride again in the afternoon if you like. If previous experience is an indication most people are very satisfied with 3 to 4 hours of riding.

What airport/town should we fly into?

You will fly into the Bordeaux Merignac airport. If you are coming by train, from say Paris for example, we can discuss particulars to pick you up at another location that is convenient and practical.

How much more is it for single occupancy in a room?

The additional fee for single occupancy is 500 Euros.

Do the beginning and ending dates of the trips correspond to arrival and departure?

Yes, the dates correspond to the beginning and end of the trip. Therefore, if the trip is the 24th to the 30th, that means you arrive on the 24th and leave on the 30th

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