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Chateau de Pitray
Chateau de Pitray

About Allan and cycling:

Hi, my name is Allan Reeves, and I am the host, organizer and guide of   France  From  Inside  cycling and wine vacations in the southwest of France. I grew up and live in Marin County, California, but my family is French. I have been returning to France throughout my life for family visits, and since 1994 on a yearly basis. In 1996 I got hooked on the sport of cycling, and now when I visit France I take my bike. Actually I now have a bike that lives in France permanently.

Allan Reeves France From Inside Bike Tours

Allan Reeves

Over the years I have biked extensively through many regions of France, such as the Alps, the Pyrenees, Mt. Ventoux, Brittany...the list goes on (beginning in 2006 I began offering the bike trip across the Pyrenees; I've done it ... well you do the math, every year since 2006). I have become very familiar with the Dordogne and Gironde region, the areas outside Pitray's front door, as well as the Pyrenees. My impression is that France is a paradise for cycling, with its countless small country roads and beautiful landscapes. My desire is to share with other cyclists the fun of discovering these areas on a bicycle, and to do it with the perspective and understanding that only a local could have. I hope you decide to join me and others on one of the biking tours to cycle the back-roads of the southwest of France, in style with an exclusive stay at the Chateau de Pitray, or maybe something epic and challenging like the trip across the Pyrenees.

About Allan's family and wine:

Chateau Pitray France From Inside Bike Tours

Mr. and Mrs. de Boigne

The Chateau de Pitray belonged to my grandparents, my mother's parents, and it now belongs to my aunt and uncle the Count and Countess de Boigne. In 2005 they decided to open a B&B at the chateau. I have since taken the opportunity to conduct biking and wine touring vacations from the chateau. For more information about the chateau please visit the other links on the site.

My father's side of the family is also from this part of France, and they too make their living making or selling wine. Therefore, between the Chateau de Pitray and the wine they make, along with other relatives who distribute wine ( ), and many more family contacts and properties, I can assure that you will receive a local and professional introduction to Bordeaux wines.

France From Inside Bike Tours France

... along with my mother and friend Bill, in the Dordogne valley, France.

France From Inside Pyrenees cycling challenge

... top of col de Soudet, Pyrenees, along with Steve S. the 2013 and 2015 "Van Guy."

France From Inside Cycling and Wine Tours Bordeaus Gironde Dordogne

Inside the Chateau de Pitray winery.