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Chateau de Pitray
Chateau de Pitray

St Foy La Grande

Looking across the Dordogne river from Sainte Foy la Grande to Port Sainte Foy. I know it can get confusing, but then more to ponder. The French do it on purpose.


19th century buildings are easy to identify, all you have to do is look at the roof. Interesting to think that this building is young compared to 16th century town of Saint Foy la Grande on the other side of the river,

Market Saint Foy la Grande

Someone at the cafe told me that the Saturday market at Saint Foy is one of the top 10 in all of France. Ca alors!

Olive merchant Saint Foy la Grande

I could not do it, but I am sure there are some of you Whole Food shoppers who would have the cajones to ask to sample everyone of the olive varietals before buying any. You know who you are!


These guys are banned from California.

Cycling in Dordogne

I have the pleasure of being located at the boundary between the departments of the Gironde and Dordogne. If I ride west I go into the Bordeaux wine country, and if I go east I ride into forests and fields of la Dordogne and Perigord.

Cycling in the Dordogne

Classic French Dordogne countryside. Aside from the barbed wire on the fence everything else is timeless. Alright, the hay rolls are a modern technique, but they look really cool.

Stone wall

Forget about it, it won't pass building codes in the states, but it has satisfied the 350 years challenge. How many redwood fences have lasted that long?

Ligne de demarcation Dordogne

This is intense, and it is the only sign of its kind that I have come across in all my biking here in France. It is tucked away on a tiny road lost in the countryside.

Dordogne cycling

Every now and then it is a good idea to give your bike a rest.

Rain Saint Emilion

Bordeaux wine country near the village of Saint Emilion, and here comes the rain squall. I need to find shelter fast.

Cycling in the southwest of France Dordogne and Gironde

Finally clear blue skies and open road. I can tell you that in all my years cycling this road I have never ever seen a traffic jam here.