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Chateau de Pitray
Chateau de Pitray

Cycling in the Dordogne

One of so many little villages/communes in France. This one is called Carsac de Gurson. Every village/commune has a church, many of them built in the XII to XVII centuries. I'll ride through 15 villages like this on a 50 mile bike ride.

Chateau Monbadon Cycling in Dordogne

Chateau Monbadon, built in the 14th century, and one of the last constructed of the military medieval castles of this era in the Dordogne and Gironde region. Oh, and look a 12th century church off to the left.

An interesting perspective. Pre-level era I guess.

Festival Dordogne Cycling

We stumbled upon a local festival with some people wearing the customary fashion from the 19th century and reenacting local traditions. Stilts like these were used to walk through the marsh lands in the department of les Landes. This young man has "savior faire."

Dordogne River Cycling

The Dordogne river, 300 miles long, and for centuries the primary means of transport for commerce in Aquitaine France. The 100 years' war between the French and English (13th and 14th century) took place in towns all up and down the river, ultimately ending with the final battle - called the Bataille de Castillon - in 1453.

Clocher Saint Emilion

The view from dinner in the central square at Saint Emilion.

Ready, on your marks, get set, GO! Just so you know, this was not for the Gold but just the qualifying session.

Saint Emilion at night

Now walk that dinner off.

Atlantic Beach

I had to take a break from the wine country and go out to the coast - 70 miles west. A couple of days at the beach can do wonders for the cycling tan.

Kickin' it beach

Moments before I was overcome by a nap.

Chateau Villandraut

The ruins of Chateau de Villandraut, built in 1305, and now on FaceBook ... oh yeah you have come along way Baby! It is quite spectacular, with 6 massive towers, and I can only imagine how much fun it would have been to live in such a fortress back in the day.

Chateau Villandraut

The font door. Watch out for the kid throwing rocks down on you from the top of the tower, just like in the old days.

Chateau Villandraut

Alright all kidding aside, another take your breath away structure.

Chateau Villandraut

Now that I have had the time to wonder around the castle I wonder if my pizza is ready, because I am just killing time waiting for it.

Boulangerie Dordogne

Could this be gluten free bread?


There are not many monuments in the small villages to commemorate the 2nd World War, but every village has one to commemorate the 1st World War as every village sent their sons to battle. In total almost 1.4 million French soldiers were killed in the war.